Life interiors – design for life

Štěpánka Hudečková, interior designer

The interior design consultant Štěpánka Hudečková earned her good name by creating elegant and sophisticated interiors, which combine both classic and modern styles. Her philosophy, based on the idea that every space can be made into something beautiful and new, is one of the reasons why her clients keep coming back for new ideas and for inspiration.

You can look forward to soothing and cosy interiors in subtle colours in a skillful combination of the old and the new. Furthermore, made to measure furniture, designed by Štěpánka, that can be both classic and modern.

Her professional and calm attitude helps her clients deal with the stress they face during renovation.

When designing an interior with a client, his tastes, wishes and dreams are the designer’s main guideline. The cooperation results in an space, where the kind guidance of the designer, sets the client’s hopes and dreams, in a beautiful frame, like a picture.

Sometimes, a little goes a long way: tiny changes, such as a different colour scheme, new furniture, fabrics, pictures, or lighting, can make a big difference.

In case of a complete rennovation or a new construction, it is ideal to work with the client from the begining; during the architectural planning or demolition. In this way, elements such as floors, windows, doors and space organization can be decided together with the designer, which is important for the final effect and for the overall appearance of the project.

Life interiors – design for life–a life of joy and comfort.

  • Important experience in interior design and decorating of private and commercial spaces
  • Interior design course at The Regent Academy, UK
  • Lectures and courses at the Chelsea Harbour Design Center
  • Longterm cooperation with the UK based Interior Designer Diana Green and with the architect Jeffrey Gold.
  • Recurring guest on czech TV shows Sama doma and Jak se staví sen as decorating and design consultant. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Moderní Byt, Svět kuchyní a Doma atd. and Domov.