A bedroom with pictures by Olbram Zoubek and a change in colour scheme

For this realization, an entirely new bedroom was designed and the rest of the apartment was matched to the colour scheme of the bedroom. All of the lights were replaced, the spot lights were reduced and reorganized in the whole apartment. The pictures by Olbram Zoubek were selected for their simplicity and for their colours, which match the new interior perfectly.

A custom made bookcase from beech plywood was added to the living room. The bookcase was designed, so that the layers of the material were clearly visible on some of the shelves, but especially on the sides and on the bottom of the bookcase.

A closet for the hallway, a shoe cabinet and a chest of drawers were also designed by Life Interiors and custom made.

The walls were decorated with both wallpapers and paint and matched to the same colour scheme. The whole effect is completed by light window decorations – cream and bronze drapes and white muslin curtains.

All photographs are published with the clients' consent.