Duplex flat – apartment house – Prague

A young couple has decided to furnish their house with equipment and furnishing from a world famous furniture store BoConcept. A moderate reconstruction of the flat was arranged, particularly more aesthetic covering of the top part of the staircase leading to the living room. Substantial work was also done on wall painting, wallpaper selection and application, assistance with blinds, curtains and draperies, replacement of floor bars, picture placing etc. Camouflaging of the staircase was completed in a more subtle way than originally planned by the owners: apart from a four-sided pillar in the living room, a raised stair with a massive wooden panel was implemented. It created a nice, unconventional, interesting component.

As a part of the living room, we designed a small dining room with a sideboard, and also well accessable yet disguised kitchen which uses newly emerged space as storage. We used combination of textured and embossed wallpaper, gloss wallpaper and wall paint which is one shade darker than the wallpaper and thus delightfully matches the stone tiles on the front wall. Around the walls the dark low-leveled skirting boards were replaced with raised white ones as to highlight and outline the wallpaper and wall paint. Various design and furniture accessories from the above mentioned furniture company BoConcept were used to achive an attractive, cosy, metropolitan look.

For the staircase attached to the hallway I chose the paint colour matching the hue of the wallpaper which resembles tweed fabric. Furtherore, we installed a fitted mirror with a thouthfully chosen frame. The door, wallpapers and paint was decorated with white, raised skirting boards and this way the entrance hall gives a very elegant, stylish and luxurious impression.

All photographs are published with the clients' consent.